Calum Duncan

We are all saddened by the untimely passing of our dear friend and colleague Calum. Everybody who met him enjoyed his company and found him the same way – friendly and cheerful. Calum was a dedicated man, primarily to his wife and family but luckily for us, to the Scottish Branch too. As such, we want to pass on our deepest condolences to his wife Claire and to his children, Rebecca and Jack.

Please feel free to add your own thoughts and memories below in the comments section and we’ll make sure that Claire gets to see them. Nothing too wishy-washy though – Calum wouldn’t want that!

Instead of flowers, Claire has asked that any donations may be made in memory of Calum to McMillan Cancer Support – Just Giving.


  1. There’s a few in the Wales TS contingent who got to know CD over the years. Either through golf, or at a conference, in a bar, or in a club (mostly the latter two, obviously!). I hope I can speak for all of my Celtic colleagues, in that the connection we had with him was one built on true friendship. Calum was a giant of a man by any measure. He was loved and respected, and that is a wonderful way to remember him. I will miss him, as we will all miss him. X

  2. I was so saddened to hear the news about Calum passing. We met working together through the Scottish Branch. He served as a very competent, reliable and hard working Treasurer who was always on hand to lend support to colleagues. Such a kind person and always a ready smile and laugh. Calum will be greatly missed by his colleagues and all those who have worked with him through Scottish Branch and those who met him through the wider trading standards community. My thoughts go out to his family and close friends at this time and i wish to pass on my deepest sympathy.

  3. Although I knew Calum, the first time I had a really good long conversation with him was October 2004. He was still mourning the death of his friend and colleague, Ian. I had just given up smoking, but as we talked till about 3.30am at the Bellshill Hilton, I scrounged 3 of his cigarettes- and with the odd exception, that was the night I gave up smoking.
    Calum was such a lovely, kind guy. I always chatted with him and enjoyed his company and cheery smile.
    We ‘chatted’ remotely when his house extension was being built. We met up regularly at CTSI events.
    Calum was an ambassador for our Service.
    I really enjoyed catching up with Calum at CTSI events. I was often last at the bar with him…putting the world to rights – but whilst he got up next morning, I can’t always claim to have done so.
    Calum supported me in whatever I did, and I really appreciated that, especially when he encouraged me to remain as Branch Chaplain, when some thought we shouldn’t have one.
    I remember, too, how Calum arranged our Branch fundraiser with Claire for Alison. What a star.
    The last time I met with Calum was when he bought me a last wine the night I slipped & dislocated my ankle as I was going home from the Stirling Court Hotel…..
    What a colleague, what a professional, what a gentleman.
    I know Calum was such a close friend to some of our colleagues. I was proud to be able to support his nomination for fellowship of CTSI. I just wish he’d been able to have received it.
    Whilst I will miss Calum, I know our profession will miss his massive contribution. At the same time, I recognise that Claire, Rebecca and Jack will miss him more and my thoughts and prayers are with them
    To Calum & his family – you did us proud. Thank you for being you.

  4. I knew Calum through some Scottish Branch and golf events and he was one of the kindest, genuine nicest guys you could hope to have in your company. He made a trading standards fun which is no small feat. He will be sadly missed and it’s a real tragedy for friends and especially family.

    Sorry I can’t make the ceremony today but best wishes and sincere condolences.


  5. Calum you were our, mentor, carer, honey monster and dancing queen to name a few! Feel so lucky for having met you and even better for having known you. You were one of life’s true gentleman, a devoted husband to Claire and Daddy to your adorable kids Rebecca & Jack who were the apple of your eye. My heart goes out to them as you were taken too soon and it’s a very sad loss for everyone who knew you. Sleep well pal, Lyndsay x

  6. When I started at NLC TSS, it was Calum who took me on a tour of the whole of the area, from Motherwell to Shotts via Wishaw, Newmains, then to Harthill to Cumbernauld and back to Merry St by way of Airdrie, Coatbridge and Bellshill. He had a big grin on his face, his mileage that day was equivalent to three weeks mileage! That was the start of a friendship with one of lifes ‘good guys’. Merry St enforcement team, for me, was the best I experienced in nearly 40 years of TS. Calum, George Currie, Ian MacPherson, me and our gaffer Peter ‘Pedro’ Fergie.
    Over the last few years we (Calum, Peter, John C and myself, if in UK!!) would meet at the Orb, Bellshill, to remember Davy Anderson on Cheltenham Gold Cup Day. That day will never be same but we will now remember two wonderful people.

    Alison and I send our condolences to Claire, Rebecca and Jack.

  7. I haven’t seen Calum for some years but recall some pleasurable times we had together playing in the Trading Standards International Golf matches.

    I remember playing in Llandudno when we travelled down together and I enjoyed two or three good days together. I also recall playing in the Lake District too.

    Calum was a very good golfer and very good company and I would be pleased for you to pass on my condolences to his family.

    I think the last time we met was when North Lanarkshire were undertaking a best value review ( or words to the effect ).
    I was aware of his illness through the College of Fellows and fully supported the actions they were hoping to take.

    My very best wishes to his family and his many friends both within and out with the profession.

    He will be a sad loss.


  8. Where can I possibly start with my thoughts about our dear friend Calum. He has been a confidant, a rock, a gentleman and my closest friend for 25 years. Far too many happy memories to recollect (and some that I wont – tour rules and all that) but always in my heart. Calum I can honestly say that you were one of life’s good guys and a huge gaping hole has been left, never to be filled. You were respected and admired more than you will ever know and life feels empty without you.
    You fought with every inch of your being to beat this awful disease, you did everything right as you always did in life, with strength and determination and without complaint, but it wasn’t to be and the only comfort is that you passed peacefully in the arms of your lovely Claire and with your family around you.
    Claire, Rebecca and Jack made you proud every single day and your legacy will live on in them. It has been an absolute honour to have been your friend and know we will always be there for them, and love them forever.
    The pain may never leave us, but equally the happy memories will remain always.
    You are and always will be my jaegerbomb king, dancing queen and partner in crime!!
    Love you big guy.

  9. I can only echo what has been and will continue to be said : Calum was one of the nicest guys I ever met. Ever. His commitment to the profession was undeniable but what shone through whenever we spoke at any length was his love for his wife and family and how proud he was of all of them. Claire has lost a good husband and Rebecca and Jack a loving father and the rest of us a great friend and colleague that we were all enriched by having known. Sad beyond belief.

  10. In a profession full  of wonderful people Calum stands out as one of the singularly most kind, warm and decent people I have had the privelage to meet.  He’s also one of the very few people who have managed to break me in a bar.  We’ll all miss you big man x

  11. Calum was always the gentle giant to me. One with a bit of a twinkle in his eye. We met through the Scottish Branch and served as Chair and Treasurer and nothing was too much trouble. I have many memories of Conference and Weekend School high jinks but unlike George I’m not one to tell! Except that time at a SB Conference when him and AM ordered their last JD and Grey Goose around 6.30am and in true SB tradition made the first lecture of the day a couple of hours later . My thoughts go to Claire and the children as your husband and father was a wonderful, kind and truly generous man. To my colleagues in North Lan I also send my condolences as I know you will also feel his loss.

  12. I only met Calum on a few occasions but he was thoroughly good company and a really decent, funny and easy-going man. I was so sad to hear the news and my thoughts are with his family, friends and colleagues. A very hard time for everyone.

  13. I think my memory of Calum which epitomises him as a person, happened during his Cork stag weekend in 2006. It was the same weekend of the Ryder Cup which was taking place not too far from Cork. I realise I’m breaking the omerta of “What goes on tour stays on tour” but as this story makes Calum look good, I’m sure it’ll get a pass. I realised Calum (10 handicap golfer and a big golf fan) might like the opportunity of going to the Ryder Cup, which was on the train route to Cork. I had a “golden ticket pass” to any event – I knew someone who was a corporate event manager to major sporting occasions and one of them was the Ryder Cup.

    The week of the stag, I left him a voicemail asking if there was a chance there were any last-minute cancellations for the 12-man strong stag group – a long shot but the stars would need to align perfectly for this to work out!

    The stag weekend started at 5am Friday morning when I was picked up at my house with a mini-bus full of strangers. Calum introduced me to his friends and my first non-optional pre-6am can of beer – as you know, it was very hard to refuse Calum! By the time I reached Prestwick, Calum ensured that I no longer felt like a stranger. This progressed on to the plane but a mis-timed beer on the flight meant that by the time we arrived at Dublin I was bursting for the toilet. Having relieved myself, I called my corporate ticket man on the way out of the toilets. Passing me on his way in was corporate guy answering my call – the stars were aligning! Unfortunately, he couldn’t get all 12 of us a ticket but could give 4 free day passes – inclusive of food and drink!

    On the quiet, I spoke to Calum’s best man Jim who in turn spoke to the rest of the stag party. To a man they all said that it would be a great idea for Calum to go as they knew how much he loved his golf. The plan was that 4 of us would spend the afternoon at the golf and then charge down to Cork to meet up with the rest of the party for an evening of festivities. Perfect!

    Buzzing, we put our plan to Calum who’d just come out of the toilet. “Calum we’ve got 4 free tickets for the Ryder Cup – full hospitality, free drinks and food. We’ve spoken to the rest of the group and they think it’s a fantastic idea and think you should go. What do think?”
    Without giving it a second thought he said, “No – I’m not going to leave the lads. They’re here for me and I’m not going to leave them.”
    I said, “But I’ve spoken to them and they really want you to go!” By this time the rest of the party gathered round cajoling him. Calum remained resolute. His mind was made up – he wasn’t leaving his mates. There aren’t many men who would give up the opportunity of a lifetime like that.

    Calum’s unwavering loyalty and thoughtfulness to his friends is one of the many reasons why his passing will leave a huge hole in our lives.

    I’ll miss ya big man.

    My love and condolences to Claire, Jack and Rebecca.

    George, Fiona and Eilidh

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